Written by Thomas

Cand. Polyt.

Even though this blog has been left largely updated, my life has kept running at its own pace. Consequently I have now finished my studies, and may proudly title myself as cand. Polyt :-)

The last couple of months has been intense, but not quite as hard and exhausting as I had feared. I don’t know whether this is due to less work than anticipated, or due to good planning…But either way, I handed in my thesis the 14th of March and defended it a week later. My stay in Atlanta shaped the scope of my work to such an extent that I had to find a new title for my master thesis. After some consideration I settled on ‘Challenges to Software Development in Small Firms’.

The defense went really well and it was great to be able to explain what I’ve been doing to both familiy, friends & colleagues.


Since I don’t start my new job until the 1th of May, I will hopefully find the time an motivation to modify my thesis webpage at to fit the focused problem domain. Eventually I’ll also describe how it is to begin working in a real firm after all these years of studying (but I’ll have to clear the amount of details with my new employeer :-) ).

Atlanta:: Day 1

So I arrived in one piece to Atlanta, and even survived US imigrations and customs. My hotel is very excellent for my purposes…perhaps even a little over the edge since I’ll be spending most of my concious hours in the cubicle I’ve been assigned at CEPRIN (Center for Process Innovation) at GSU Business College.

Cubicle bonanzaHotel Luxury

Lars Mathiassen introduced me to some of other phd students at the center, and even gave my a quite tour around the block. The tourism event was followed up by a meeting where we discussed the existing content and state of the article which should distill the work and purpose of my trip to Atlanta.

This is also the reason why I’m now sitting in my hotel room in the evening working (well…I’ve been recommended not roaming the streets after 8pm, so the only other alternative is watching tv).

Going to Atlanta

As a part of my thesis work, I’m going to Atlanta in January to visit Professor Lars Mathiassen @ J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. Prof. Mathiassen has written some of the articles I use in my work. And he has a lot of experience with systems development etc. The purpose of my stay is to discuss my thesis with him, and hopefully get a lot of input (but no so much that it bothers my deadline ;-) ).

More information on my thesis is available at, and during my trip I’ll keep a more frequent diary either here or there.

Hobbies described

Added a pretty short describtion/introduction of my hobbies, although these interests keep me active, they need to be constrained sharply….

site up and running

After a few months delay, is finally up and running. Beatha, a fellow master student, recommmends WordPress as a good web/blog framework. So now I’m giving it a try. As stated in the purpose page, the primary objective of this site is to give me a little promotion and act as an information container I can redirect future employers to…

My job went to india

and all I got was this lousy book