Photography is one of my big passions. Possibly because it’s a fantastic way to think, act and be creative. I can’t draw straight, or even intentional curved lines, and I’m fairly bad at making improvised music sound harmonic.

But with photography, you can capture moods, people, expressions, construct posed pictures or paint with light and darkness, color and shapes. Furthermore, you get to toy with gadgets, ingenious mechanisms and nice hardware.

I pack the following cameras

Nikon D90

There’s really nothing special about the Nikon D90, it’s a very capable camera and I bring it with me on all my travels. But DSLRs are everywhere, and your options in postprocessing the images are indefinite.

I always shoot in RAW format, currently my main lens is a Nikkor 24-120 F4 VRII.


Any camera that includes a roll of black masking tape for, has a strange appeal to it :)

Yashica 124G

Yashica 124G

Actually I have two of these, but the focus lever broke on my first, so this is now just for decoration.



This is my most recent kamera…and by far the most manual one. The Sharan camera is a DIY camera, made out of cardboard paper and a few plastic components. I

Kodak Junior