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C’est moi

I’m very fortunate! Most of the time at least. Life has a tendency to bring you both desserts and diets. I have had both so far, and all courses have left its marks on me.

The greatest joy of my life, and pillar of stability, is my small family. I married my wife in October 2001, and in June 2003 we had a fantastic little boy. He’s now on his 9th year on earth, and continues to amaze me with his approach on life and his surroundings.

CV and similar stuff

I have a master degree in computer systems engineering from the University of Southern Denmark. Graduated in 2007, and has worked for Certus since then.

My master thesis focused on the specific challenges facing small software development firms. This subject diverts somewhat from a typical thesis in my faculty, but I have always been interested in studying and observing the softer sides of software development.

Thus I have worked both as a software developer, as our online community manager and since November 2009 as a product manager for our CertusGames gaming platform and the Skill & Casual games product for Betware. Working with computer games was not really on my original plan, which has always been scewed towards wanting to make a positive tangible difference in the world. But so far I’ve been gradually realising how games fill an important part of our lives, and have been moved by how much our gaming community actually matters in the lives of our core customers.

For a more in depth description of my professional background you can check out my Linkedin profile, or see the Vizualize.me colorful representation of the same data.

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What inspires me?

I’m inspired by creativity and entrepreneurship.

Jesus inspires me, because of the way he acknowledged people, met them exactly where they were, for his leadership and for his unconditional love.

Rob Bell inspires me, as a visionare of how church could and should be. Because he is capable of speaking words of meaning and truth in a way that makes people pay attention.

Steve Jobs inspires me, because of his passion and focus. And the fact that people respected him although he often treated them very poorly. And I like Apple products.

My friends who has a truckload of kids and full daytime jobs, but still manage to find time to embrace their surroundings.

Dan Ariely inspires me. Because of how he questions the things we do, and the decisions that we think guides us. Dan is a behavioral economist who have written several books and is a professor at Duke University.

What I do when I’m not working

…actually I work quite a lot…and seek to structure my work in such a way that it gives me time to spend with my family, and in a way that provides room for thought and focus.

But as you may have discovered through this blog, I do like photography a lot. You can read about my various cameras on the Camera page, and a small subset of my photos are available in the Portfolio.

I just recent picked up on bouldering again, I’m a member of Odense Boulderklub, bouldering in it self is very de-stressing, but this club has a special atmosphere that amplifies the whole experience.

What I believe in

Yes, I’m a Christian, although I regrettably don’t show it enough. But I do believe that we are placed here on earth with a purpose of making it better, of caring for each other (also the ones we don’t really know that well). And that we are being held responsible for our actions. Along with responsibility comes the risk of failing. But that’s ok, there is plenty of love and forgiveness in Gods heart for all of us.

As we are products of love (not only the one our parents shared), but also as living creatures. I believe that there is an intentful loving God. Who wants to be a part of our lives, and loves us so much that he died for our sake, that we may know that he loves us, and to redeem our wrong doings.

The story of us, of the world and of Gods plan is told in the Bible and in our lives. Gods plan is a story of restoration, for each of us personally, and for the world we live in.

Stuff I have written, and feel comfortable sharing

Agility in a small software firm: a sense-and-respond analysis, written in cooperation with prof. Lars Mathiassen, published inInternational Journal of Business Information Systems 2009 – Vol. 4, No.1  pp. 85 – 104

Review of Mintzbergs 5 structures

Global Analysis