Buffer post

Firstly…I’m always a bit taken by how quickly time flies by. Its been roughly 9 months since my last post which puts my ‘become-famous-blogger’ plan in a somewhat ill perspective.

So before I hopefully pick up a faster pace (…) and start writing ‘serious’ posts, I’d better quickly recap my life from the time of my last post uptil now:

  • Still got my wonderful wife, and my son is growing up and becoming increasingly lovable.
  • Got a job-title change from ‘Pure Code Monkey’ to ‘Online Community Organizer’, which basically means that I’m responsible for my firms online community @ (well…it also includes some support responsibility…so it’s not extremely fancy fancy)
  • We bought a house…and are enjoying this new status and all the worries that follow in the wake.
  • I’ve started working with Betware’s platform which also makes me a web developer (Struts, J5EE and whatnot)…I suppose.

I’m still buying books by the truckload…so in some distant future I’m going to become an expert on the Lego Mindstorms NXT platform, a network security mastermind, Struts Wiz and Agile guru.