Retrospective Open Space impressions

I returned home yesterday after attending a get-together of retrospective facilitators. Today my head hurts, and I assume it’s because of the intensity of this experience.
Although a lot of participants had to cancel their trip due to the infamous ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajoekull vulcano, it felt very complete, at least from an outsiders perspective.

I would like to briefly recap what I observed and learned during the past week. Read more →

So You’ve Got Attention Issues?

Do you know the feeling you get 2ms after you just convinced yourself that it’s ok to check the news while you’re

  1. waiting for your code to compile
  2. just about to switch tasks
  3. stuck in a problem
  4. starting up your IDE/environment/application etc…

It’s that procrastinating feeling, right?

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Knowing your Knowledge Management

We have been using Athlassians Confluence wiki in my workplace and it has been a huge success in my workplace. Jira is coming around very nicely as well. So I think we have come a long way over the last year or so in integrating these tools and standards into many of our work processes and documentation needs. Read more →